I have a weight loss secret that’s helped 100s of women lose weight JOYFULLY!

I call it my Weight Loss T.E.A.

Three simple ingredients that lead to massive change.

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Life & Weight Coach

life coach for women in vancouver

hi, i'm laurie!

I’m on a mission to help women create more Joy in their lives by helping them develop a healthy relationship with themselves and with food.

Once they do this, they will overcome their struggle with losing weight FOR GOOD, providing them with more time and energy to create joy in their life with the people they love.

i believe

As women – we spend countless hours stressing about losing weight and beating ourselves up in the meantime…feeling anything


When you solve your weight loss struggle for good – it allows you more time and energy to create joy in your life; doing the things you love with the people you love.

create a healthy relationship with yourself and with food

my super power is helping women learn how not to quit on themselves.

create a healthy relationship with yourself and with food

As a woman who spent the last three decades playing the diet game – I knew there had to be a different way to lose weight for good!

I realized the relationship with myself was equally (if not more) important than my relationship with food.

create a healthy relationship with yourself and with food

there was a time that i didn’t like the woman i saw in the mirror.

Having a strained relationship with myself was the KEY reason I was not losing weight.

Then I learned WHY I was feeling this way.

And I learned a permanent solution to stop it.

Then I became a PRO at losing weight one pound at a time, by applying what I learned.

It is how I lost 47 pounds FOR GOOD!

And I would be honoured to help you.


  • I was critical of her;
    • her weight,
    • her hair colour,
    • her wrinkles.
  • I struggled to find anything positive about her.
  • I did not have a good relationship with her at all.

Was it any wonder then, that I constantly struggled to lose weight?

I mean, if I didn’t like the woman in the mirror –

what made me think I would take care of her?

Feed her healthy, nutritious food?
Listen to when she would tell me she was hungry?
Honour her when she would tell me she was full?

Joyful Weight loss


Joy Club is my monthly coaching program where you feel supported and encouraged while you lose your weight for the last time.

There is another way to lose weight and I know what it is.

Come along.

I’ll teach you how.

Step by step.

You’ll learn a NEW way.

You’ll never feel alone.

You’ll finally lose it for life!

Learning to love the woman in the mirror helped Sylvia lose 22.5 pounds!

Take the First Step to Losing Weight For Life

Download my Weight Loss T.E.A. Recipe.

i teach women how to create a healthy relationship with themselves and with food so they can lose weight for good.

laurie shopland coaching

Working together you will learn how to:

  • create a healthy relationship with yourself and with food
  • gain awareness of self sabotaging thoughts and have a process to deal with them
  • develop a system so you set yourself up for success each day
  • eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full
  • fuel your body and recalibrate your hunger scale
  • become a woman who honours the commitments you make to yourself
  • confidently lose weight FOR GOOD…plus so much more!

how i work with you as a

life coach & weight coach

joy club

An affordable monthly membership program

A community of like-minded women who empower, inspire and encourage each other as they learn how to create healthy relationships with themselves and with food.

Monthly Life + Weight Loss lessons.  Live, weekly coaching calls.  Daily exercises.

Create a healthy relationship with food and with yourself in a supportive group environment.

laurie shopland coaching

life & weight coaching

One-on-one sessions tailored to your needs.

Helping women feel empowered and confident by teaching them how to manage their mind and master their emotions.

Lay the foundation for lasting weight loss with long-term coaching that adapts with you as you grow and flourish.

This accelerated one-on-one approach to life coaching & weight loss will help you achieve your goals!


A new way to lose weight, without feeling deprived and restricted.

Joy Club is a monthly coaching membership program where you learn how to create healthier habits so you can feel better.

We don’t prescribe a diet.

We help you create new habits and routines so all the changes you make are sustainable.


without having to follow a strict “diet”,

without saying ‘NO’ to the foods that you love

and without sabotaging yourself at every corner.

“my promise to my clients… i cannot help you avoid failure, but i can guide you to a place where you never quit.” – laurie

christie lost 60 pounds!


Weight Loss confidence

Learn 3 ways to gain confidence in weight loss.

You will leave this training knowing:

  • Exactly WHY weight loss hasn’t worked for you in the past and what to do different!
  • HOW to apply my three steps for confident weight loss so you can lose the weight you want, for good.

Hear from three amazing women, who just like you, thought it could never happen for them.

They share how they gained the confidence to lose their weight for good!

Join us to gain confidence in weight loss.

Saturday, May 29th 9am Pacific

learn how to lose weight – one pound at a time.

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