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Certified Life & Weight Coach


Vibrant Yogi


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Part of being Vibrant Yogi means fuelling your body with great food.

I can help you understand your food choices plus teach you how to improve your relationship with yourself.

The First Step to Empowered Eating


Society tells us in order for us to stop snacking – we must change the food we eat (from chips to celery) or alter the routine we have (go for a walk instead of watching Netflix).

These suggestions may work short term…but they never last!
We always revert back to our old ways!

In order to stop snacking FOR GOOD – we need to understand WHY we do it in the first place.

Once we know WHY, we can solve for it – FOR GOOD!

Join me for this FREE training on August 20th as I teach you HOW TO QUIT SNACKING…FOR GOOD!

Once you know this first step to empowered eating, you will feel in control of WHAT you eat and WHEN…for life!

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Learn how to quit snacking and feel in control of WHAT you eat and WHEN for good!

Joy Club teaches you an empowered approach to life + weight loss, creating a healthy relationship with food and with yourself…for good!


A community encouraging, inspiring and empowering women.

Inside Joy Club you will learn how to:

  • identify habits that are not serving you and confidently know HOW to change them FOR GOOD
  • gain awareness of self sabotaging thoughts and have a process to deal with them
  • become a woman who honours the commitments you make to yourself
  • develop a daily practise that sets you up for success
  • eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full
  • fuel your body and recalibrate your hunger scale
  • create a healthy relationship with yourself and with food
  • confidently lose weight FOR GOOD…plus so much more!
Top I Am Statements to Lose Weight!

Download the Top I Am Statements to Lose Weight!

This exercise was a game changer for me and for the countless women I have helped lose weight for good.
Creating a healthy relationship with yourself and with food is the secret to losing weight for life.

Try it…what have you got to lose…except for the weight?!