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My Husband Made Me Mad

I was so freaking mad at my husband! I was trying to rest and he was making as much noise as possible (I was sure of it!).

My problem however, was not the noise my husband was making, it was the fact I didn’t set myself up for success to begin with!

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Joyful Weight Loss

Most women’s experience with weight loss is negative. So I explored the idea of helping women lose weight “joyfully”.

What would Joyful Weight Loss even look like? I teach three pillars of joyful weight loss.

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How to Write a Meal Plan

Everyone of my weight loss clients who are having incredible weight loss, all have this in common – they meal plan.

They know what they are going to eat 24 hours in advance.

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When it was brought to my attention that I had messed up, I instantly felt horrible. I was sitting in feelings of shame, guilt and embarrassment.

My brain instantly wanted me to believe that because I did something wrong, it meant there was something wrong with me. 

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Holiday Tips

Sign up to receive your HOLIDAY PLAN WORKSHEET to help set yourself up for success so you can celebrate the holidays without gaining weight!

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How I Changed My Life

As a young mother of three, life was as busy, as expected.
Throw in a life-threatening illness of one of our children and a parent diagnosed with terminal illness and it was the perfect breeding ground for feelings like overwhelm, anxiety and stress.

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Want or Am

Many of my clients say the same thing over and over: I WANT to lose weight.

Do this ONE small thing right now that will have a HUGE impact on your weight loss.

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Divorce Wasn’t An Option

Two people can be told the same “facts” and have such varying responses.
It doesn’t have to mean one person’s interpretation is right or wrong…they are just different and both offer different results in your life.

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Emotional Eating

When we feel stress, anger and judgement …we spin around questioning everything that is going on and “wishing” things were different, leaving us feeling out of control.

We resist what is happening in our life and stay stuck from moving forward.

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Elections and Weight Loss

When we feel stress, anger and judgement …we spin around questioning everything that is going on and “wishing” things were different, leaving us feeling out of control.

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Halloween Tips

How to set yourself up for success this Halloween. Instead of “one candy for them and two candies for me” listen to my short training on propelling yourself closer to your weight loss goal.

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Healthy Habits

When we think of habits…we tend to focus on the habits that don’t work for us (bad/unhealthy habits)…and typically when we do this, we judge ourselves – and end up feeling guilt and shame for “not being perfect”.

Instead… what do you currently do that is helping you get closer to your health goal?

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Get to Your Goal Weight

What if I told you I knew exactly what was holding you back from getting to your goal weight?

The reason you are not at your goal weight YET is because of the HABITS you have.

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Creating Habits of Movement

Have you ever told yourself you are too old to learn something new or…you are worried how you will look doing it? YUP…that was me this past weekend. Take a quick listen to my funny story about me learning pickle ball! 🙈

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Thanksgiving Tips

Thanksgiving is a key celebration to set yourself up for success on your health journey. Should you have pumpkin pie or stuffing, if you want to lose weight?
Check out my three tips to setting yourself up for success this Thanksgiving.

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how do i quit snacking

How to Quit Snacking

SNACKING is just something you do, and you can’t seem to stop.  Every woman deserves to feel in-control of WHAT you eat and WHEN…for life!  Learn the 3 easy steps you can begin ASAP.

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how do i manage September and feel less overwhelmed

Managing September

Calling all Moms!

I get it…you are not sure what September is going to look like…regular-school vrs home-school, mask vrs no-mask, Zoom vrs Teams…it’s all a little unnerving!

There are SO many unknowns.

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A Conversation About Race and Racism

I reached out to my dear friend, Jennifer, and asked her if she’d be open to having a conversation about race and racism. She is an expert on the topic, both personally and professionally and she has agreed to have a conversation with me…and you.

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Joy Club

Joy Club is a community of like-minded women who encourage, inspire and empower each other as they learn how to create healthy relationships with themselves and with food.

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How I Lost 60 Pounds

If you are serious about wanting to lose weight and want to know what it takes to do it…pour yourself a coffee/tea/wine and carve out 15 minutes for yourself and watch this video.

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life coach for women in vancouver

Is There Something More?

More and more I am noticing my clients “wanting” to achieve something in their life…but their beliefs about themselves are like a boulder in the road.

There is no way they can achieve their goal/vision for their life because of the beliefs they have about themselves.

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life coach for women in vancouver

Are You Feeling Tired?

Do you ever feel tired, but push through trying to complete everything anyhow?

Only to find yourself feeling frustrated that you didn’t get as much done as you had hoped and actually feel even more exhausted?

That’s what happened to my client last week.

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life coach for women in vancouver

You Are Not Broken

Having the thoughts that make us feel like we are not as good as others, is part of our DNA (thank-you primitive brain!).

And just because our brain produces them – does not mean we are broken.

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life coach for women in vancouver

Freedom and Empowered

I believe we connect with people who have been where we’ve been.

Who have struggled with what we’ve struggled with.

And it is incredibly inspiring when they share the success that they’ve had.

It helps us believe we can do it too!

Today, you have the privilege of hearing from my client Candice.

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having an extraordinary life

An extraordinary life!

I used to think I could never “have” an extraordinary life.

That it was only for those people.

You know…dinners on yachts, being served caviar while wearing expensive gowns.

But do you know what is so interesting?

My previous career did in fact include yachts, caviar and gowns…but I never equated it to an extraordinary life.

Because I never believed I was worthy of one.

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life coach for women in vancouver

What does 2020 look like for you?

I am so excited to see what the New Year will bring.
Not just for me, but for YOU too!

This past year, I have seen such incredible transformations from my clients because they have learned how to believe in themselves.

And I have no doubt YOU can achieve any of your 2020 goals too – if you create that belief in yourself, like they did.

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life coach for women in vancouver

What is your ruby?

This past year I was given the opportunity to share an inspirational message to a group of 400 Life Coaches.

I spoke about Living with Courage.

You see, I believe that we all experience things in our lives that require us to be courageous.

I call them rubies, because a ruby is a gemstone known for its courage and strength.

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life coach for women in vancouver

Create a Daily Self-Care Practice

We have thoughts that are “blocking” us – they are in essence, the root of our pain. But, rather than address them, we tend to avoid or resist them by searching for short term relief…in the forms of food, wine etc.
No one ever taught us about “self-care” for our brain before.

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