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the power of gratitude

The Power of Gratitude

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life, often overlooking the beauty and blessings that surround us. However, cultivating a gratitude practice can bring about transformative changes in our lives. The power of gratitude nurtures our well-being and encourages a positive mindset.

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invest in your marriage

Invest in Your Marriage

Relationships, like anything worth having, take an investment of time, energy, and resources.  But I don’t think people talk enough about this.  Often, if someone says they are doing anything for their marriage, people assume it must mean there is something wrong with it.  

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how do i embrace joy

How to Embrace Joy

When I was first told that I would become a grandmother in 2021, I was overcome with fear. This is not the typical reaction most Grandparents have. But for me I did not know how to embrace the joy because of what had happened to my mom. My brain had created a story that when I became a grandma, it meant something bad was going to happen.

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My promise to my clients...

"I cannot help you avoid failure, but I can guide

you to a place where you never quit.”

What my clients have to say ...

My life before working with Laurie was chaotic, haphazard, out of control in many ways (diet, exercise, work, mom-duties etc.) I was putting everything and everyone else. I was literally in a state of dis-ease!

Since working with Laurie and learning the model, I’ve found a sense of calm (even though the waters are still stormy at times!) Laurie has taught me a new way to gain perspective!

I recall a very disappointing situation I was faced with, and I reached out to Laurie for a tune up… she asked me 2-3 questions… I sat with them and within a few hours had moved past the situation and knew I had the answers and the way forward.

Previously to working with Laurie, I may have been in the swirl for days!!!

- Chrsity I.

Laurie has given me tools to process my emotions and change my eating habits to create the results I want for myself!

I’ve lost 15 pounds! I no longer do things like stress eat or panic if I have a day where I indulge. I am becoming confident that I am a woman who takes care of my body and treats it well!

I now listen to my body and learned not to second guess myself – I know what I need and what to do!

Laurie has an amazing program for weight loss because it deals with the root causes of why we struggle with losing weight and keeping it off.

It’s like nothing else I’ve ever done!

- Vanessa J.

Laurie has a gentle spirit and wealth of knowledge that helps you explore the thoughts that are keeping you locked in destructive habits.

Her programs are filled with encouraging women who both share their successes and cheer you on.

Laurie offers excellent customer service that walks you through exactly what you need to do to get started, so you make the most of your membership.

She’s just an email away and has a quick response time as well. You’re not “just a number” to Laurie.

She truly cares about the success and joy of every client.

- Shanen S.