Laurie Shopland

Certified Life & Weight Coach

Calling all Moms!

September brings SO many unknowns.

Join me for a FREE Masterclass to help you MANAGE SEPTEMBER without stress eating (and drinking).



Calling all Moms!

I get it…you are not sure what September is going to look like…regular-school vrs home-school, mask vrs no-mask, Zoom vrs Teams…it’s all a little unnerving!

There are SO many unknowns.

And when you don’t have all the answers, you feel out-of-control, a little anxious and really overwhelmed… and turn to food/wine to calm down and feel better.

Am I right?

That’s why I am holding an exclusive FREE training JUST for MOMS and I want to give you the first chance to sign up!
I want to help you feel more in-control and less anxious and overwhelmed during this season of uncertainty.

During this training, I’ll give you THREE ‘coaching tools’ that you can apply ASAP so you feel like you can manage September, and show up as the amazing mom you are…without needing food (and wine) to get through it!

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how do i manage September and feel less overwhelmed

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how do i manage September and feel less overwhelmed

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