Joyful Life


The Life You Desire With Your Partner is Possible.

Joyful Life Together helps you design the future that you and your spouse have always desired – TOGETHER.

A 5 week online group program, for you to create a shared vision, misson & values to have a clear path to the future you both want.

Jim and Laurie guided us and gave us a space to come together as a couple.

– Kelsey & Troy

Intentionally Building Your Future ...

The Details ...

May 4, 2022


7pm Pacific Time

via zoom

"Design the future

you want... together."

How Joyful Life Together Came to Be…

For a long time, we’ve had it on our hearts to do a joint venture together – a passion project.

For the first half our our marriage – we focused on raising our children and building our careers. We did an amazing job – but quickly realized we hadn’t spent any time or focus designing the next chapter of our lives.

For the past few years, we’ve been working on creating the life, marriage and relationship we have always wanted. We have a desire to share “the how” with other couples that want to create that too. We are excited to journey with you!

What our couples have to say ...

We were hoping to see if we had what it takes to work together after we retire.

Joyful Life Together helped us intentionally spend time talking about our common future together.

We learned what our strengths were and to value the differences in each other.

This helped us to create our mission, vision and values.

The Joyful Life Together course was pivotal for us in making decisions for our future.

- Jack and Gayle

We signed up for Joyful Life Together hoping to grow in the areas of communication, specifically around day to day activities and then long term goals.

Joyful Life Together has impacted our marriage in many ways.

Our communication is much more open and effective – we are able to ask more open ended questions and seek clarity.

Hearing from other couples and the openness from Jim and Laurie was helpful in our journey.

- Vera and Greg

We are so grateful that we got to participate in this program. It came at a time when we were both ready and willing to work on us.

We first signed up for Joyful Life Together hoping to grow our lives separate from our kids as we become empty nesters, hoping for a gateway to better communication and connection.

This actually opened the doors to all we were hoping for and more.

We found areas of connection in conversation that we had never achieved.

- Kevin and Christie

We signed up for Joyful Life Together to grow in communication and goal setting.
The “He is on my team” or “She is on my team” statement was a great tool to remind us of when we go into a discussion.

– Linda & Warren

Prepare For ...

First Session

Review the foundation you have already built together. Why reinvent the wheel – you clearly have something that works…let’s unpack what that is so you can create more of it!

Second Session

Identify your vision, mission and values as a couple. What do you want to create together? What impact do you want to have on your family?
What do you want your legacy to be?

Third Session

Examine the obstacles that may prevent you from creating the life you desire.
Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will be critical in releasing the “resentment” factor.

Fourth Session

Design the future you want … together!

Fifth Session

Develop a 30, 60 and 90 day plan so you can start creating the life you’ve always wanted…TOGETHER!


All sessions are 75 minutes and will be done from the comfort of your own home over zoom.
All five group sessions will be recorded, should you not be able to attend in person one week.

We created a 5 week group program, to help couples like us, design the future they desire – TOGETHER.

Meet Jim & Laurie .....

We have a passion to help couples design the future they want…together.

We want to help couples be intentional about their future so they grow stronger together, rather than resentful and apart.

We realized we hadn’t spent any time or focus designing the next chapter of our lives together.

Without a clear vision, the life we wanted was about to pass us by.


Jim helps family business owners re-kindle their passion, re-gain the energy and re-define their purpose so they get up each morning knowing that their business matters.

With a 30-year career in sales, marketing and merchandising in the health food, drug, grocery and convenience store channels, he has experienced first-hand what it takes for products and services to be a success.

As a Certified Professional Business Coach, Jim helps Simplify Your Business and teach small business owners how to actually make money and spend more time with their families.

Life Coach for Successful Women


As a Certified Life Coach, Laurie teaches her clients how to live their life to their fullest potential and believe in themselves every step of the way!

Her ability to help her clients understand and overcome what makes them “play small” is her gift. She helps them build confidence so they can create a life full of abundance and joy.

Laurie is the co-founder of Shopland Health and Founder of Laurie Shopland Coaching and Joy Club, an online coaching membership for women.

Where It All Began…

It was my first BCIT Business Studies class of the winter semester, January 1989. The second year students were presenting their business case for us, the first year students. As soon as Jim took the stage and started talking about his project, I knew…he was the one! I remember leaning over to my roommate and telling her, “I’m going to marry that guy.” I had no idea walking into class that day, 32 years ago, that I was on the verge of my life changing forever!

– Laurie Shopland

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