Laurie Shopland

I Am Affirmations

Start Creating the Joyful and Abundant Life You Desire!

Thank You ...

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"It is time for you to own

how truly amazing you are."

Create a Daily I AM Routine

Download & Print the I AM Affirmations for easy reference.

Print off the I AM Affirmations  and hang it on your bathroom mirror.

Decide on five that you will focus on.

Take a few moments each morning to incorporate these five into your NEW identity.

Write 5 in your journal to reinforce WHO I AM BECOMING.

Practise these affirmations until they become second nature.

Then choose new ones to implement and repeat.

Listen to the I AM Affirmation meditation each morning (2 minutes).

Read and say the affirmations that are on your mirror – out loud.

Catch any statements that don’t seem believable to you - yet.

Get curious and journal on what is holding you back from believing it about yourself.

Having a daily I AM practise is life changing.

It reminds yourself of WHO YOU ARE (becoming).

Because there are countless moments each day where we second guess ourselves and default to our old way of thinking about ourselves (ie: not being good enough, not doing it right etc)…we need all the help we can get!

By repeating I AM affirmations daily, it teaches our brain new ways to think about ourselves. It redirects negative messages into positive ones.

And when we think positively about ourself, we create more confidence.

And when we have more confidence;

We are less likely to give up on the dreams we have for our life.
We show up as the amazing women we are… in ALL areas of our life!

I AM Affirmations help create the life we have always wanted!

Save this.

Use this.

It works!