Laurie Shopland

Certified Life & Weight Coach

Stop Overeating Group Coaching

My next Group Coaching program begins in April. 

life coach for women in vancouver

You Will

Discover the root cause of WHY you overeat.

life coach for women in vancouver

You Will

Learn how to trust and honour your body

life coach for women in vancouver

You Will

Feel empowered to make healthier choices


Stop Overeating Group Coaching

An Empowered Approach to Weight Loss!


Starting in April, I am going to take a small group of women through the same program I use with my 1:1 weight loss coaching clients.

My 1:1 clients have learned and implemented these tools and have lost between 20-60 pounds each!

During this online group coaching program, you will receive:

6 – Online Training Modules

6 – 1hr Group Coaching Calls

How does it work?

You will receive six weekly online training modules that will provide tools that teach you how to stop overeating.

Each week’s material is built on top of the next so you feel more empowered each week!

And then, we will meet via Zoom (online) for a group call with the other women who are in the course.

These calls will be one hour in length and recorded.

You will be given an opportunity to ask questions and be coached.

Group coaching is incredibly powerful!

Are you ready to learn how to stop overeating and lose weight – FOR GOOD?

life coach for women in vancouver


Stop Overeating Group Coaching

The Stop Overeating Group Coaching Program allows you to learn independently, as well as collectively, as a tribe, providing a supportive group learning environment that addresses your specific issues.

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