Invest in Your Marriage

invest in your marriage

Relationships, like anything worth having, take an investment of time, energy, and resources.  When we intentionally invest in our marriage we build a strong relationship and a model for our children.

A few years ago Jim and I were asked to share our story at Church.
It was one of the most powerful exercises we have ever done as a couple.

It provided us the opportunity to speak candidly with our young adult children beforehand so there weren’t any surprises!

It was perfect timing in fact, as our two oldest kids were both engaged at the time and we felt it would be so valuable for them to hear how it hasn’t always been easy.

You see, our kids’ perception of our marriage was what they were seeing present day, and they were expecting to have that type of relationship with their future partner – right off the bat!

But what they didn’t see were all the resources we’d used over the years to make it what it is today.

Resources like counselling, coaching, get-a-ways, marriage courses and couple retreats.

“When a flower doesn't bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.”

The message we wanted to instil in our grown children was:
If you want a GREAT marriage you need to invest in it.

Do you see some marriages and compare yours to theirs?
Do you think, you should have that but don’t, so you get frustrated with where you and your spouse are at?

Marriage, like anything worth having, takes investment of time, energy and resources, but I don’t think people talk enough about this. I think if someone says they are doing anything for their marriage, people assume it must mean there is something wrong with it.

That was never the case for Jim and I.

We choose to intentionally invest in our marriage because we wanted a strong relationship and to model that for our children.

And that is why we have it on our hearts to host Thrive Together Couples Retreat. It is a one-day workshop for couples who want to elevate their marriage from good to GREAT!

Here is what you’ll learn together in this one-day workshop:

You know you are better together, but there are just somethings that get in the way of you communicating with each other. Learn how to identify these obstacles and learn tools that will help create better communication.

You are both amazing humans, but each react differently to situations. Learn how to understand your partner’s behaviour styles and manage your own emotional IQ.

You both know life is going to continue to be busy – that’s just your reality. Learn how to set each other up for success during these busy times and create a plan that will help you both feel solid as a team.

If you want to go from a good marriage to a GREAT one – we’d love for you to us at the Thrive Together Couples Retreat!

My promise to my clients...

"I cannot help you avoid failure, but I can guide

you to a place where you never quit.”