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The Power Within You

Wonder Women derived her power from her accessories.  It took me a life trauma to realize that my power lies in my own thoughts.

The Power Within You

Article originally published in Optimyz Magazine Summer Edition 2020

I grew up idolizing Linda Carter’s Wonder Woman TV character. I was mesmerized by the way she warded off evil.

It was the epitome of power in the modern woman. Wonder Woman could take on whatever the world threw at her and she always came out stronger in the end. She was resilient and capable. This defined power for me.

I spent hours standing just like Wonder Woman did on TV, holding the same POWER pose.
You know the one, where she stands tall and confident with her hands on her hips. I was just missing her sexy costume and bulletproof accessories.

Limiting Beliefs

This image however, reinforced a limiting belief; that in order for a woman to be powerful, she needed external “accessories”, like Wonder Woman did, in order to stand strong against what the world threw her. And if those “accessories” were taken away, she would be striped of her power. The list of “accessories” varied over the years for me, from education and job titles to relationship and health status.

It took much of my adulthood to unlearn this limiting belief and uncover what really gives power to the modern woman.

how do i find power within my own thoughts
Finding My Power Within

I first noticed this belief did not serve me when I was faced with an evil, no woman should ever face; when our three year old daughter was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. No sexy costume or accessories was going to give me the power and strength I needed to get through this. I needed to find my own power from within.

I needed to find the belief in myself that I could get through this. No “title” or “status” could provide the power I needed to survive this. I needed to learn the skills to create my own self-belief that would empower me through this storm.

For the first few months I struggled. The whole situation made me feel so scared and overwhelmed, that I did what most people do when they feel that way, I buffered. I turned to food to relieve these feelings.

But as this behavior continued, I began to get frustrated with myself for “being weak”, which led to an increase in my negative self-talk. And the louder this talk got, the worse I felt about myself, which led me to eat more. The cycle was consistent and vicious. First I couldn’t help my daughter and now I wasn’t helping myself either. I felt completely powerless.

Feeling Empowered

But like a rainbow after a storm, I remember something within me shift one day. I remember asking myself; “What if I was strong enough to get through this? What would I have to think to feel empowered right now, rather than helpless and overwhelmed?”

Once I started getting curious with my thoughts, I began to feel stronger and more in control. I started to feel empowered rather than helpless and overwhelmed. And I realize I did not need any external “accessories” to make me feel this way, I had the power within me, all along!

Learning how to manage my mind this way has impacted my life significantly. So much so, that after our daughter’s successful completion of treatment, I pursued a career in Life Coaching.

I now teach overwhelmed women how to manage their mind so they can feel more empowered and in control of their life, regardless of what it throws them. I teach them how to feel empowered from the inside, so they don’t have to rely on any external “accessories”.

My new POWER pose is; “What thought makes you feel empowered today?”.
To me, this is power in the modern woman.

In love and light,


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