Laurie Shopland

Certified Life & Weight Coach

What does 2020 look like for you?

This past year, I have seen such incredible transformations from my clients because they have learned how to believe in themselves.

What does 2020 look like for you?

I am so excited to see what the New Year will bring.
Not just for me, but for YOU too!

This past year, I have seen such incredible transformations from my clients because they have learned how to believe in themselves.

And I have no doubt YOU can achieve any of your 2020 goals too – if you create that belief in yourself, like they did.

Almost daily I receive text messages telling me how they are experiencing NEW feelings of confidence, success and pride.

They are learning that their worthiness is not determined by the number on the scale, the title on their business card or the amount of money in their bank account.

They are learning that they are enough exactly as they are…which is resulting in them honouring themselves and the commitments they make to themselves daily.

They are stepping into the fullness of who they have been created to be…and they are unstoppable!

My clients are learning how to do things they never thought possible for themselves, such as:

  • Creating an online course because she is no longer held back by fear.
  • Having difficult conversations with coworkers and not turning to food for comfort.
  • Being able to achieve her weight loss goal even while participating in her monthly wine club.
  • Learning she can enjoy all-inclusive holidays and it doesn’t mean giving up on her weight loss goal.
  • Realizing she can feel strong and confident even when she can’t control the menu.
  • Setting herself up for success on an annual “girl’s trip”.
  • Going for her daily walk BECAUSE she is a woman who honours her schedule.
  • Feeling confident to fly by herself to Europe when she always believed she was a woman who “couldn’t”.

These are just a few examples of how my clients have learned how to manage their minds and master their emotions in 2019.

When you look ahead to what this New Year will bring for you, imagine the possibilities:

  • If you were to learn how to believe in yourself.
  • If you were able to manage your mind and master your emotions.
  • If you were to step into the fullness of all you have been created for.

What would 2020 look like for you?

What will it take for you to create it?   

Wishing you an abundance of love, good health and of course JOY in 2020!


ps…are you ready to feel empowered and in-control in 2020?

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  • Discover the root cause to WHY you overeat
  • Learn how to trust and honour your body
  • Feel empowered to make healthier choices

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